• Meet Uniqcorn Exceptionnel team rider Carmen Getino. Carmen is a Spanish Grand Prix rider who has competed nationally and internationally throughout Europe.

    The first horse she ever took to a Grand Prix was Fabiano. Their relationship started when he was only 4 years old and he taught Carmen how to take a horse from zero to the highest levels. Fabiano currently resides in Washington D.C. with his new owner who adores him and is competing with him on the Small Tour.

    Carmen continued her equestrian career with her mare Florida (Jazz x Weltmeyer). Anyone who knows about breeding will know the offspring of the stallion JAZZ.

    Florida is "red-hot", sensitive and intelligent. She is very talented in the Passage and Piaffe exercises as we will surely see soon.

    Through Carmen's special connection with Florida, and the mares' extreme quality, the pair compiled already some outstanding achievements:

    - Silver in 6y old Madrid Championship 2018
    - Gold in 7y old Madrid Championship 2019
    - Gold in Medium Tour Madrid Championship 2020
    - 13th place in the 8–9-year-old Young Horses Spanish Championship 2020
    - 11th place in the 8-9 years old Young Horses Spanish Championship 2021

    Carmen continues her training with different trainers, among them Brigitte Van der Haggen, Nikki Barret, José Antonio García Mena, Bert Rutten, and Kenneth Derby. Her goal is to take Florida's promising future and make her a shining star in the show ring.

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