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Luxuriously Crafted Equestrian Performance Apparel

Join us in embracing the essence of luxury and functionality, as we curate a range of equestrian statement pieces designed to mix, match, and amplify your style across seasons. Experience the blend of heritage and innovation that defines Uniqcorn Exceptionnel.

Our dedication lies in creating not just clothing but experiences that elevate your every ride, ensuring that each piece you choose from our collection adds a dash of joy and excitement to your equestrian style journey 🤎

The Catherine Haddad Collection

“The collaboration between NorCordia and Uniqcorn Exceptionnel was born out of a desire to bring style and comfort to our daily riding regimen. At NorCordia, we are passionate about what we do and we want to look good doing it!

Our girls work hard to give our horses their best possible lives. They need clothing that can take a beating in the stable and still look polished on a horse day after day. The outstanding quality and design of Uniqcorn Exceptionnel brings our vision to life in this collection, and we want to share it with you!” ~

Catherine Haddad

What's the difference?

  • Original Designs

    Our designs are both original and timeless, blending classic elements with a unique touch that outlast trends, for a one-of-a-kind look and a wide array of mix-and-match options, allowing you to maximize their versatility for enduring styles that you'll cherish season after season.

  • Thoughtful Patterns

    By strategically laying out seams, we strive to prevent friction and ensure that accessories such as your phone fit snugly within the contours of the garment, allowing for easy access and preventing rubbing against the seams while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.

  • Functional Style

    Our breeches are crafted to sculpt a slimming silhouette while delivering unparalleled comfort. We work hard to perfect the art of blending form and function, using only premium fabrics, double seams, and non-stick durable grip, to ensure longevity and safety, so you not only feel but look exceptional.

  • Sustainability

    In our commitment to sustainability, we conscientiously steer clear of plastic, minimize packaging, and employ recycled materials whenever possible. You won't find us on sale because we produce limited quantities, to avoid excess inventory preserving both product quality and the environment, eliminating the need for markdowns.

Breeches & Tights

Dressage & Jumper Boots

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