• Erin Swaney is a American born Dressage Rider and Trainer based in Loxahatchee, Florida. Erin is a certified AI instructor through the prestigious British Horse Society as a well as USDF Bronze Silver and Gold medalist and has trained and competed successfully nationally and internationally through Grand Prix. 

    Erin has trained with several trainers helping to mold her to date; most recently Anton Walliser (SWISS) based in Spain, Severn Jurado Lopez ( ESP), currently Guillermo Garcia Ayala ( ESP) training daily online. Erin instructs many of her students online daily as well via Pixem System. This has been a game changer on many levels as she’s able to keep in contact with any of her students no mater where they are in the world. 

    Erin believes first and foremost in the love for the horse. This is the foundation of everything we must build upon. She is well known for working with a “ yoga on horseback” approach with spotlighting “longe line lessons” for the rider to focus on one item at a time building a positive boot camp style lesson packages. The rider tremendously improves core strength and suppling the body to achieve correct movement and ability to follow the horses movement thus creating better balance and connections with the horse; resulting in movement up the levels with ease. Erin’s focus is on the mental and biophysical portion of the rider, believing in breathing, stretching, and strengthening techniques on and off the horse; taking time needed to achieve this during a ride. 

    Erin’s main love is to help and in some cases rehab students with their confidence with body and bio physic, She is also training specifically hand picked sale horses for a boutique style sale horse program, she takes 2 sale horses at a time rigorously testing them in her program as long as it takes to prepare them for sale with focus of the sale horses for the AA client. 

    Erin’s focus is to be well rounded in this equestrian world. Finding balance between competing, instructing, spending time with students building confidence and connection mainly “ Love” with and for the horse. She also priorities balance with family time, as her husband and son are also “ horse lovers” and Polo Enthusiasts. 

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