• Uniqcorn Exceptionnel, founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, is a global equestrian brand built on the philosophy that equestrian apparel should be elevating and empowering. The brand’s signature function-meets-fashion style features bespoke breeches and jackets, a luxurious ready-to-wear collection (launched in summer 2022), accessories, and exclusive collaborations with like-minded brands. Sustainability, avoiding plastic, using minimal packaging, and recycled materials, supporting local manufacturing, and producing limited quantities to avoid excess inventory play a large role in the brand's market approach.

    After its launch, the UNIQCORN brand – with the logo originating from the v. Krenski family crest, quickly became the royal authority for luxurious custom-made breeches, with a showroom on the prestigious Neuer Wall Street in the heart of Hamburg. Deemed the "Aston Martin of breeches" with raving reviews by the European equestrian community, the brand's signature breeches are still produced by hand using recycled materials, and sustainably sourced leather.

    UNIQOCRN embodies a timeless approach to luxury performance clothing, envisioned as a capsule collection of essential statement pieces that can be mixed, matched, and worn many seasons.

    Fostering a community of international equestrian athletes and inspiring and collaborating through the language of fashion maintains a huge part of the brand's identity and core values: dare to be exceptional, thrive for excellence, push boundaries, and live fearlessly.

    With offices in Germany and headquarters based in Fort Worth, Texas, the collection is sold online at uniqcorn.com, as well as through selected affiliates, and pop-up retail stores at major equestrian events.

"The Aston-Martin of Breeches".

St. Georg Magazine