• Dare to be Exceptional

    Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, Uniqcorn Exceptionnel embodies a timeless approach to luxury equestrian performance clothing, envisioned as a versatile capsule collection of essential statement pieces that can be mixed, matched, and worn many seasons.

    Our brand is built on the principle that equestrian apparel should be original, seamlessly blending performance, unique style, and comfort, for an elevated experience that enhances and complements your personal style.

    Our brand's distinctive fusion of function and fashion started with bespoke breeches and jackets and evolved with a contemporary twist through our ready-to-wear collection, introduced in the summer of 2022. The diverse lineup extends to accessories and exclusive collaborations with kindred spirits—brands and equestrians who resonate with our vision and values.

    Sustainability is at the heart of our brand's market approach, encompassing practices such as avoiding plastic, utilizing minimal packaging, incorporating recycled materials and supporting local manufacturing. We're committed to producing limited quantities to prevent excess inventory.

    Beyond our eco-conscious approach, our brand identity and core values are rooted in fostering a global community of equestrian athletes. We find inspiration and collaboration through the language of fashion, embracing equestrian values such as always reaching for excellence, pushing past limitations, and overcoming doubts and fears. We believe in adding a dash of joy and excitement to your equestrian style journey🤎

    Our collection is available at uniqcorn.com, selected affiliates, and pop-up retail stores at equestrian events.

  • As a lifelong equestrian, Astrid v. Krenski, a German designer and entrepreneur, found herself in 2006 on a mission to redefine riding breeches, recognizing a lack of distinctiveness, originality, and lasting quality in the existing options.

    Deconstructing traditional riding breeches and jodhpurs, Astrid re-envisioned their design by infusing unique fashion elements. This creative endeavor led to the birth of Uniqcorn Exceptionnel, a collection that became an overnight sensation.

    The brand's name, Uniqcorn Exceptionnel, pays homage to the v. Krenski coat of arms, representing heritage, strength, and uniqueness. The family's coat of arms, tracing back to the 14th Century, features a rare unchained unicorn – a creature regarded in mythology as the strongest, wildest, and least tameable. Symbolizing purity and grace, the unicorn serves as a reminder of inner power, soul purpose, and the magic inherent within each of us.

    Following its launch, UNIQCORN ascended to the status of a royal authority in luxurious, custom-made breeches. With a showroom at the prestigious Neuer Wall Street in the heart of Hamburg, the brand earned the esteemed title of the "Aston Martin of breeches." Raving reviews from the European equestrian community continue to attest to the handcrafted excellence of the brand's signature breeches, still produced in Germany.

    The Ready-to-wear collection represents the translation of Uniqcorn Exceptionnel's core values—daring to be exceptional, pushing boundaries, and being unique in everything we create—into contemporary equestrian performance apparel that stands the test of time.

    Each garment stands as a testament to Uniqcorn Exceptionnel's dedication to creating enduring elegance. The brand serves as a beacon for those seeking more than just equestrian wear — it represents a legacy of unparalleled style and craftsmanship, a distinctive blend of heritage and innovation.

"The Aston-Martin of Breeches".

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