• Uniqcorn Exceptionnel Equestrian Riding Apparel was was founded in 2007 by Astrid v. Krenski, a German designer and equestrian.

    Starting out in Germany, the UNIQCORN brand – with the logo originated from the v. Krenski family crest, which contains a unicorn – quickly became the royal authority for luxurious custom-made breeches, with a showroom on the famous Neuer Wall Street in the heart of Hamburg, Germany.

    Her career brought Astrid all around the globe and she thrives on sharing her vision with like-minded equestrians, and inspire through the language of fashion and her guiding principle "dare to be exceptional" which is the thread of the UNIQCORN brand.

    "UNIQOCRN is the embodiment of persuing quality and style – following your passions and goals, pushing your boundaries, and thriving for excellence in everything you do – in life, in your horsemanship, in the showring and in your community."

    In 2021 the company added a new partner and is expanding its collection with the launch of Uniqcorn Revive in Summer 2022. 

    With own ateliers in Germany and the USA, the v. Krenski’s are proud of their unrivaled quality, design and fit of their equestrian apparel.