Uniqcorn Exceptionnel

Our signature collection, handmade exclusively in Germany since 2007. Traditional style breeches, and jackets, made according to your measurements from the highest quality fabrics, yarns and accessories.

  • Signature Breeches & Jackets

    Our bespoke breeches and riding jackets are the epitome of personalized luxury and tailored elegance in equestrian fashion. Our patented breeches and jodhpur design provides a generous freedom of movement and an impeccable fit.

    Made with the finest European nubuk leather, exquisite handcrafted details, and with selected high performance fabrics from recycled and eco-conscious materials. Those breeches are made to last a lifetime.

    When it comes to our bespoke riding jackets, the focus is on both functionality and style. These jackets are carefully tailored to allow for ease of movement while maintaining a polished appearance. The choice of fabric ranging from traditional tweed, cashmere blends, wool, to technical materials.

    Please contact us at bespoke@uniqcorn.com if you are interested in one of our signature designs.

Arabian Horse World Magazine: "Exquisite Design".

Cavallo Magazine: "Perfectly Tailor Made".

St. Georg Magazine: "The Aston-Martin Of Breeches".

Reiter Revue Magazine: "Haute Couture. Glamorous".

Piaffe Magazine: "One-Of-A-Kind".