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The 10 Most Fabulous Belts to Wear with Your Breeches

One of the best ways to finish off your look with a cherry on top is with a belt. A belt can do miracles for just about any outfit, from creating a waistline to simply tying your whole look together. Our team at Uniqcorn Exceptionnel has compiled a list of ten of the best brands with the greatest equestrian belts (which  of course – double as an everyday accessory).


A classic with a variety of options, belts from this brand are classy and elegant. A staple in some of the most famous riders’ wardrobes (such as the stunning Jessica Springsteen), the Italian designer belt comes in different width, sizes, and colors. A popular choice is GG belt with the double G buckle. If you wish to add an even more equestrian vibe to your outfit, Gucci offers a brown, wide leather belt with a bit decoration. There are also more concelead options such as the Guccie Blondie thin belt. All of the women’s belt options offered by Gucci can be found here.

Louis Vuitton

Another brand which caters to different tastes, Louis Vuitton offers reversible belts that enables the user to get the most out of the product. This brand allows for a bold yet casual look with the black leather and gold LV initials. The reversible belt is available in a variety of sizes and leather color (including Cream, Gris Perle, and Safran). In addition, the French brand produces belts in fun colors such as blue and red. All of Louis Vuttion’s belt collection can be found here.


Another high-end French brand which makes some of the most immaculate pieces on earth, belts included of course. Like their competitors, the brand offers reversible belts, but they are all siginfictantly thinner (around  13mm to 24mm as opposed to the general 30mm to 40mm found in Louis Vuittion). The buckles are a customizable part of the belt, with a wide range of color (such as gold, pink gold, silver, lime, rose Jaipur, noir, vert jade, and bleu brume) and shapes (such as Escale, Gamma, Dollier De Chien, Mini Constance, and more). The color of the leather is also customizable, with seventeen different combinations to choose from. These combinations includes Orange with Rose Jaipur, Gold with Étoupe, Mauve Pâle with Vert-De-Gris, and more. A smart choice from this brand would be the 13mm Gamma belt buckle & reversible leather strap.For more about the Hermes belts and their options, follow this link. 


Yet another Italian brand which is a bold yet elegant choice depending on the look you are going for. Their signature, reversible belt made out of calfskin is complete with a buckle adorned with Swarovski crystals. The belt comes in antique brass dark with black or in light ivory with black. Louis Vuitton also offers belts with a variety of patterns, widths, and colors. These include the Toilde Icongrahe belt with a platinum buckle in the colors black or red and the thinner V logo signature belt. All of the options can be found here.

Ralph Lauren

The true equestrian style which stands out and is a bit more affordable than the other options. This American designer is the place to go if you wish to indulge in the ‘old money’ style. One of their belts is the 18mm Polo ID chain and leather skinny belt. This is an sophisticated choice which secures on the back and is adorned with the brand’s signature Pony on a brass plaque. For a more cowgirl style, Ralph Lauren also offer the skinny buckle belt made out of full-grain calf skin. This accessory comes in the natural, black, white or cuoio color. All of the women’s options for this brand can be found here.


Designed in Great Britain and a staple in many wardrobes, the signature colors of Burberry are beloved by many as they are quite versatile. Also offering the reversible option, these belts come with the gold-plate Thomas Burberry monogram buckle. Some of the accesories are also made out of thirty percent naturally renewable resources (bio-based materials) such as plants and castor oil. The Burberry belts can also be found in leather of various colors. More options from this brand can be found here.


The French deliver yet again with another exquisite designer brand. Almost all of the belts found from Givenchy can go with just about any color palette. Take the 4G reversible belt in coated canvas as an example. Adorned with the gold logo of Givenchy in the front, the belt is a sleek black which adds just the right amount of spice to any type of breeches. Belts from this brand can also be bought with a silver G logo for those who aren’t a fan of gold. All of the Givenchy belt options for women can be found here.

Bottega Veneta

A brand created in Italy for the a more minimalistic, modern, and classy look. This is the belt for those who may want to be more discrete about their choices while staying true to high-end fashion. From the classic chain link belt in taupe to the more angular look of the triangle belt, these accessories (found in a variety of neutral colors) won’t take away from your look. All belt choices for women can be found here


Another exclusive piece made with calf leather, Versace has a diverting collection with many options to choose from. From dark black to patterns with yellow or velvet pink acanthus leaf, the options are infinite. The belts also come with various buckles such as La Medusa and the Barocco V. All of the options from this Italian brand can be found here.


The French continue to impress with their elegant style and practicality. Their signature belt is literally called the Saddle Belt (made out of calf skin). Dior offers a collection with neutral and shiny tones, various buckles, and even reversability which once again offers more diversity. Their line of belts also offers the 80mm Saddle Belt. This accessory is complete with a saddle flap pocket with a ‘D’ as the stirrup, gold detailing, and even a patch pocket (perfect for a couple of small treats). All of the collection can be seen here.


When it comes to the right belt for you and your breeches, it really comes down to your style and preferences. However you may choose to complete your look, stay bold and true to yourself as you explore the different options out there. Remember to “dare to be exceptional” (that is the principle that our team at Uniqcorn Exceptionel lives by and we hope you will embrace it too).

By Sofya Krasikova 
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