EQLuxe Interview with Uniqcorn Founder Astrid von Krenski - Uniqcorn Exceptionnel

EQLuxe Interview with Uniqcorn Founder Astrid von Krenski

Uniqcorn Exceptionnel was founded by Astrid v. Krenski a designer and equestrian in pursuit of creating high-quality riding apparel. Now, this bespoke company notably deemed the the "Aston Martin of breeches" has molded its designing practices into a RTW collection. We caught up with Astrid to learn more about Uniqcorn and what makes her brand so exceptional.

Astrid, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am creative at heart and horse crazy since I was a little child. I started riding when I was 8 and never stopped. I grew up in Hamburg, Germany, and mastered in communication design and marketing and became an art director immediately after graduation for an internal magazine of the MCA Music Group. That position jump-started my career and over the years I worked as a creative director for many national and international brands. Currently, I live in Fort Worth, Texas and travel between Europe and the USA. If I'm not designing, I train and compete in dressage.

When Uniqcorn Exceptionnel launched in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, it quickly became the bespoke brand of choice offering equestrian custom-made breeches of unrivaled quality. Why breeches specifically?

My design background includes product design and fashion illustration. My first collection was born from a fashion concept, inspired by the various looks I’ve seen at my first National Horse Show. I believe in “form follows function”, but the result has to be comfortable, and stylish, so I deconstructed riding breeches and jods, re-envisioned the design, and added classic fashion elements. I designed the pants legs ergonomically to minimize creasing at the knee, reshaped the leather seat for a flattering and slimming silhouette, and developed a patented leather insert for the jodhpur leg opening that made elastic foot straps unnecessary and visually lengthened the leg in the saddle. Finally, I sourced the best fabrics, yarns, and leather. The collection became an overnight sensation, and Uniqcorn Exceptionnel was born. 

Recently, you took the brand in a newer direction relaunching in 2022 a ready-to-wear capsule collection UNIQCORN Revive. What inspired you to go RTW?

I had to think about it for a while how I could make the brand more accessible without compromising the quality. What I found exciting is the translation of the brand’s core values to become revived in a collection of essential statement pieces which can be worn many seasons. UNIQOCRN embodies a timeless approach to luxury performance clothes, true to our guiding principle “dare to be exceptional” – thriving for excellence, pushing boundaries, and being unique in everything we create. 

Where can we purchase your impeccable apparel?

The collection can be purchased online at uniqcorn.com and starting next year at a few selected retailers in the USA and Germany.

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