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Dressage at Devon Master Class Experience 2023

Step into the historic world of Dressage at Devon's 2023 Master Class Experience with us, where creativity and determination collided to craft a unique and unforgettable adventure. Our journey began when we received a golden invitation to design a special shirt for the Catherine Laudrup-Dufour Master Class. With only two months to go from concept to creation, our design team revved into warp gear, ready to tackle the impossible.

(Photocredit: Phelps Media)

With a mere 60 days between the invitation and the show date, the challenge was immense. Crafting custom apparel in such a short time frame is like a near-impossible feat, but at Uniqcorn Exceptionnel, we thrive on the impossible! As if by magic, one of our manufacturers agreed to help us turn this dream into a reality. 

Four days before our journey to Devon, the first batch of shirts arrived in Texas, and our amazing photographer and our model somehow managed to find time for a spontaneous photoshoot. It was a race against time, and we were determined to win.

As September 28th dawned, the excitement in the air was palpable. The highly anticipated Master Class, sponsored by the remarkable Catherine Haddad and her company NorCordia, was the talk of the town. Everyone was holding their breath, hoping for a rain-free day, as the week had been drenched in showers. The vendor boutiques had even experienced partial flooding! Our first mission was to arrange for a heater to dry the soggy floor and ensure the boutique remained a dry haven throughout the show.

With a sense of purpose and urgency, we embarked on a road trip to New Jersey to personally collect the remaining shirts from DHL. Wednesday afternoon was a whirlwind as all the Master Class riders went for a shirt fitting and a practice with Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour.

Meeting Cathrine was an absolute highlight for all involved. She graciously signed all 100 shirts, took time to engage with her fans, and even joined us in distributing the shirts. As the evening descended upon us, the weather gods finally smiled, granting us a sunny and dry backdrop to watch the selected Master Class riders, Hope Beerling with Marokko, Lauren Sammis with Heiline’s Oh Land, Boyd Martin with Commando 3, Lindsay Kellock Duckworth with EFE’s Goldorijke, Hope Cooper with Destar, and Catherine Haddad Staller with Sola Diva.

The Master Class was more than just a showcase of equestrian prowess; it was a profound educational experience. Cathrine's calm, precise, and logical teaching style was nothing short of a joy to witness. Her ability to spot even the tiniest detail and her deep connection and love for the horses were palpable, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

As if this experience couldn't get any more exciting, Cathrine had just released her first book, "Passage – Min History." The anticipation of its English translation had us all eagerly counting down the days until we could delve into its pages.

In the world of Dressage at Devon, 2023, the Uniqcorn Exceptionnel team found themselves at the heart of an extraordinary adventure, where creativity, determination, and a touch of magic combined to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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