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Confession of an Equestrian Fashion Addict: How Many Outfits Are Too Many? (And Can My Closet Handle It?)

Hold on to your riding helmets, folks, because I have a confession to make—I'm an equestrian fashion addict. My closet has become a stable of outfits, and I find myself pondering the age-old question: How many outfits are too many?

It all started innocently enough. I trotted into the equestrian world wearing a basic pair of breeches and a plain shirt. But little did I know that lurking beneath the surface of this horse-crazed universe was a vast land of fashion waiting to be explored. And boy, did I dive in headfirst! It was like discovering a hidden treasure trove of fabulousness. How could I resist?

It began with a show coat. As soon as I slipped into that tailored piece of equestrian elegance, I felt like a knight in shining armor, ready to conquer the dressage arena. But one show coat quickly multiplied into five, each with a unique color or shimmer that called out to my fashion-hungry soul.

But my addiction didn't stop there. Riding tights in every shade of the rainbow, shirts for summer, shirts for winter, shirts for when I couldn't decide what season it was—my wardrobe was becoming more confusing than a dressage test. As my collection grew, my closet began to resemble a miniature tack shop.There were more saddle pads than I had horses, bridles hanging like glittering chandeliers, and enough grooming tools to give a spa a run for its money. I even had a dedicated section for horse-themed pajamas because, well, why not dream of horses while sleeping too?

And let's not forget the accessories. I had more belts than a karate dojo, gloves to match every outfit, and helmets that could double as disco balls. I had more stirrup irons than I had actual stirrups. I mean, who needs that many stirrup irons? They were breeding in my closet, I swear!

At some point, I had to step back and ask myself, "Am I going overboard?" Was I becoming a fashionista gone haywire? So I decided to take inventory. One, two, three, four... Oh no, I lost count! I was drowning in equestrian apparel, and my closet was crying out for mercy.

But you know what? I realized that life is too short to worry about how many outfits are too many. If fashion is your passion, why rein it in? Embrace the chaos, rock those riding pants like nobody's business, and let your closet burst at the seams. Who needs practicality when you can have a closet that would make even the most fabulous of dressage queens swoon?

So, my fellow equestrian fashionistas, fear not! Let your inner diva shine through, and let your outfits be as wild and untamed as a horse on a sugar rush. Whether it's for the arena or just strutting your stuff at the barn, remember that fashion is meant to be fun. As long as you're having a blast and your closet hasn't collapsed under the weight of your fabulousness, keep those outfits coming!

So, go forth, my stylish equestrian comrades! Gallop into the world with your head held high, clad in your most fabulous riding attire. Let your outfits be a testament to your passion, a reflection of your unique equestrian personality. And when someone asks, "How many outfits are too many?" simply give them a wink and reply, "There's no such thing in the realm of equestrian fashion!"

This article was written by a good friend and fellow equestrian who likes to stay anonymous 😂

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