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5 Tips for Fabulous yet Effortless Style in the Barn to Excite Your Day

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Beige breeches, white polos, and black leather boots: these are three pieces that are staples in every equestrian’s closet. First impressions do count, but tradition can become mundane with time and a lack of imagination. Although there are certain rules that equestrians must stick to in the competitive world, this does not mean that we can’t play with these rules in order to stay classy yet fabulous. Our team at Uniqcorn Exceptionnel has compiled five ways you can play with your style for a unique yet elegant look in the barn.

1. Fit, fit, fit

Our clothes are designed to give you a sleek look, but nobody knows your body as you do. If your riding apparel is too big, or conversely too small for you, that often draws attention to certain places of the body creating an unflattering look (remember we don’t want too much attention on ourselves, especially when trying to show off our horses). Not to mention, clothes which don’t fit correctly can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Wearing a shirt too big while riding can be risky if the shirt ends up getting stuck somewhere while you ride. 

2. Play with Different Colors

    With brighter and thicker tones, our team has created a look that values tradition yet stands out from the crowd. Looking beyond rainbows and matchy outfits, you can have great fun by combining our mid or hi-rise tights with our sleek base layers. For instance, our hi-rise equestrian tights in the color “Hunter” pair well with our equestrian base layer in the color“Midnight Blue.” Pair this combination with the tall boot Maidstone in “Seahorse” to go the extra mile by being daring with the color choice. Or you could make the look more mysterious using the mid-rise tights in “Midnight Blue” and tall boot Hurlingham in “Lacy Gray.” For a more traditional yet unique competition look in the show jumping arena, try the “Enoki” competition breeches with the “Jet Black” base layer. 

    3. Choose a Color that Fits You

      Matchy outfits have been an ongoing trend for a long time, but they have also been quite overused. However, with a little bit of refreshing, you can still choose your favorite color and play around that way. Instead of going blue on blue, choose our Equestrian “Bluebird” outfit: base layer "Bluebird", hi-rise tights in the color “Hunter”, and our incredible Dressage boot Cambridge "Electric Blue.” You could also try our “Very Berry” base layer and accentuate the color with the “Bordeaux” Dressage boot Cambridge (see this combination in the “Berrylicious” outfit page). These combinations keep matchiness with elegance without any compromises. Remember to keep in mind which colors are best for your skin tone for the best look (O'Connor). Skin with cool undertones goes with gray, brown, blue, green and purple colors. Skin with warm undertones goes with brighter/lighter colors while neutral undertones look great with bolder colors.


      Refresh Your Hair

        The go-to hairstyles for most equestrians tend to be as follows: low ponytail, low bun, or up in a hairnet. Although these styles are tried and true, sometimes the extra challenge of other hairstyles can elevate your look. Take the French or Dutch braid for instance, which you can do in one go or part into two separate pieces (which can help stabilize the style better). The key difference between the two is that the French style requires for the crossing of the hair to occur one over the other, while the Dutch style is essentially reverse (hair is crossed underneath). Another idea is elevating the low bun by turning it into something that you can wear not only to a barn, but to a special event. Click here to see a video of a relatively easy yet elegant low bun that you can make in a matter of minutes.

        The advantage of the styles listed above is that you can still put your helmet on easily without having to redo your hair. However, there are times when you will want to fix your hair after a ride (oh yes, we know all about the dreaded helmet hair). The two go-to up-dos here are the messy bun and ponytails, but we know that sometimes those two are simply not enough as there are days when all the riding makes your hair feel hair the opposite of clean to be frank. Here you can find a video of four easy hairstyles you can try when your hair just feels yucky.


        Layer it Up

          All of our clothing is designed with breathability in mind, including our jacket. Our “Midnight Slushie” performance jacket is made to be sleek while protecting you from the wind. Designed with black-gray-blue Woodlands camo and a red berry velvet strip, this piece can be layered on top of just about any outfit for comfort while also enhancing the entire style of a variety of looks. Combine this jacket with one of our breathable, shape retaining, and moisture wicking base layers, shirts, breeches, and tights for a fabulous look.

          Carmen Getino wearing Uniqcorn Exceptionnel

          Practicality, elegance, and style go hand in hand with Uniqcorn Exceptionnel. We want you to reach the top, and the only way to do that is to “dare to be exceptional” by staying classy yet standing out from the crowd. You thrive when you feel confident both inside and outside, and when you prosper you follow your dreams, push the limits, and excel in everything that you pursue.


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          By Sofya Krasikova

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