Uniqcorn Exceptionnel

Our signature collection, handmade exclusively in Germany since 2007. Traditional style breeches, and jackets, made according to your measurements from the highest quality fabrics, yarns and accessories.

  • Signature Breeches

    Our patented design provides a generous freedom of movement and an impeccable fit.

    Our European nubuk leather is incomparable in its silk-like smoothness, and its natural breathability. It never looses its elasticity and will accommodate your body in a very comforting way. Made with hand rolled leather piping details, and selected high performance fabrics from recycled and eco-conscious materials.

    Those breeches are made to last a lifetime.

    Starting at $1,200

  • Signature Blazer

    Our classic Uniqcorn blazer, with leather piping, horn buttons, and loop closures. Fabric choices ranging from virgin wool, cashmere blends, corduroy, and high performance fabrics from recycled and eco-conscious materials.

    Starting at $2,800

    Please note: Our book for 2022 and 2023 is closed with a waitlist. Please contact us at bespoke@uniqcorn.com if you are interested in one of our signature designs.

Arabian Horse World Magazine: "Exquisite Design".

Cavallo Magazine: "Perfectly Tailor Made".

St. Georg Magazine: "The Aston-Martin Among Breeches".

Reiter Revue Magazine: "Haute Couture. Glamorous".

Piaffe Magazine: "One-Of-A-Kind".