Ashley Perkins – USA

  • Meet Uniqcorn Exceptionnel team rider Ashley Perkins, Ashley is recognized as an accomplished Grand Prix Dressage athlete, trainer, and clinician. In addition to being USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist, Ashley has also achieved National Championships and taught hundreds of Dressage enthusiasts.

    After she was introduced to riding lessons as a child, Ashley developed what would become a lifelong passion for horses. In 2005, as an aspiring professional, Ashley had the opportunity to work for Susan Jaccoma, a successful Grand Prix rider also based in Maine at the time. In 2006, Ashley graduated from the University of New Hampshire, where she majored in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science and Management. Upon graduation, Ashley spent four years working as an assistant trainer at Cloverlea Dressage with professionals Beth and Jennifer Baumert.

    Beginning in 2010, Ashley began working for Team Tate Dressage as Assistant Trainer, a relationship that has continued to evolve to the present day. Built upon her eagerness to learn and passion for the sport of Dressage, Ashley has become skilled in the development of competitive horses, teaching riders of all ability levels, and business and equine management. She has traveled and competed at some of the most competitive events in the United States and has had the opportunity to mentor other athletes as they develop their own competitive programs.

    Ashley prides herself on offering a training program that is deeply rooted in the fundamental principles of correct development for both horse and rider. Her focus on creating happy, harmonious partnerships between horse and rider, allows her to routinely achieve lasting results for her customers. Ashley's system is equal parts thoughtful training, turnout, and a methodical care program, with a focus on the well-being of the horse. A mixture of classical dressage and cross-training allows her horses to develop into strong, happy athletes. Her commitment to the well-being of her horses, and honest and open relationships with her clients, have led her to have successful partnerships across the United States.

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